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6 Tips for the Better Fashion Photography Model Poses

  1. Create a Model Poses Reference List

While planning your photoshoot, look for a few sample model poses for fashion photos. That way you don’t have to waste time explaining to your subject what you want to do.

Whenever you go for any shot as a model or as a photographer try to plan your photoshoot with each other and look for a few fashion model poses. This exercise will help you to eliminate time-wasting.

  1. Avoid Awkward Poses by making yourself comfortable
    During shooting, the model and photographer should feel comfortable with the topic/ subject. If a model and photographer are unknown to each other it’s always better to have a few minutes of conversation with each other.

Remember, all these starter conversations need not be a personal one and both parties should talk in such a way that everyone feels relaxed. This will help you as a model to pose for your photographer in a better way.


  1. Pose for Simple Portrait at the start

Start your shoot with some simple portrait shots these will help both you and the photographer to get used to the settings around. These initial portrait shots will act as a warm-up before you dive deep. It will also make you as a model and photographer confident about the next proceedings.

  1. Pose with different actions such as: Walking, Sitting or Standing

Avoid complicated poses from the start it’ll make everything difficult especially if you are inexperienced as a model. Cameraman’s task and responsibility is to get the best out of you and in order to do this simple sitting, walking, and standing poses will be good after the portrait session.

Remember, if you are going for a high fashion campaign these poses won’t work. High fashion poses need loads of skill and practice.

  1. Play a role as a model- Team up with photographer

Sometimes, simple directions aren’t enough to help your subject understand you. When that happens, you can ask them to play a role, instead. Sometimes, understanding of themes will be difficult as a model at that point photographer can come to her/ his rescue by asking to do a certain task or play a role. Asking a model to portray a certain situation like being angry with something or pleasure in doing something can help a lot.


  1. Try to Pose for a Natural Look

A natural look works best as body formation is crucial for poses. As a model, you can angle your body toward the camera to add some dimensions. Leaning on back foot can also help to avoid stiffness.

If you want to become a part of modelling world you can contact us. We may help you with quite a few projects.